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Cherished Memories are wedding celebrants who perform your bespoke wedding ceremony, as opposed to the marriage ceremony which is the legal part of the procedure carried out in a short registration office appointment.

Cherished Memories came about to cater for a need in the market for Independent Celebrants who can provide excellent personal service and bespoke wedding ceremonies at a reasonable price.  We want to give couples the chance to have the ceremony of their dreams, where they choose, rather than the less personal service offered by the Registration Service.  Our aim is to meet face to face with the bride and groom to discuss their requirements and to let them put as much of themselves into their celebration as they wish.

Have you already been through a Civil partnership ceremony and now want a really unique wedding celebration in whatever place you choose? Cherished Memories specialise in original bespoke ceremonies and would love to help you. You need only contact the Registration Service to arrange the necessary conversion paperwork, then give us a call or email us!

OUR COMMEMORATIVE WEDDING CERTIFICATE.. designed by our Graphic Designer, the brilliant Phil Crouch. A lovely keepsake each one unique with your personal input - first certificate inclusive in our fee. Extras can be purchased, just ask

The law changed as from March 2015 and the period of waiting between giving notice of marriage and having the 2+2 procedure carried out in the Registration Office of your choice has risen from 15 days to 28 days.   Please ensure you get your appointment for notice in good time.


We aim to work together with the family of the deceased to ensure that the Funeral Service is personal and dignified - with or without religious content.  We endeavour to spend as much time as is necessary to make sure everything is exactly as you wish it to be.  Most local Funeral Directors have our details, but don't be afraid to ask them if you wish to use our services.

It is not essential to use the services of the clergy for your funeral requirements, we can offer religious and non-religious services


Baby Naming is becoming more popular in the UK now, but the cost of holding these at large establishments and hotels can be prohibitive.  What could be better than holding the occasion in your own Garden, or at the home of a Grandparent or friend, or simply somewhere special to you?  We can offer you this service.


Ceremonies and Services by Cherished Memories …

Please have a browse through the information below to see the range of services we can offer.  Mary or Chriss would be more than happy to answer your queries in person, or by email or telephone to give you a better idea of how best to meet your requirements

How does the wedding celebration ceremony work?
You undertake the legalities of a marriage by giving notice of marriage and carrying out the legal paperwork in a Registration Service ceremony.  This can be done with just two witnesses in less than ten minutes.  This is the procedure used widely in Europe and in the United States and Australia. You do
not need to exchange your rings during this procedure, these can be saved for your wedding celebration ceremony. You then hold the full wedding celebration at a place of your choosing [subject to consent of the owner] with our expert help and guidance.  At this ceremony you can exchange vows and rings and have words of your own choosing.

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